Contents O Lux beata caelitum
O Highest Hope of Mortals

Written by Pope Leo XIII (1810-1903). This hymn is used for Vespers on the Feast of the Holy Family.

O LUX beata caelitum
et summa spes mortalium
Iesu, o cui domestica
arrisit orto caritas:
O HIGHEST Hope of mortals,
blest Light of Saints above,
O Jesu, on whose boyhood
home smiled with kindly love;
Maria, dives gratia,
o sola quae casto potes
fovere Iesum pectore,
cum lacte donans oscula:
And thou whose bosom nursed Him,
O Mary, highly graced,
whose breast gave milk to Jesus,
whose arms thy God embraced.
Tuque ex vetustis partibus
delecte custos Virginis,
dulci patris quem nomine
divina Proles invocat:
And thou of all men chosen
to guard the Virgin's fame,
to whom God's Son refused not
a Father's gracious name.
De stirpe Iesse nobili
nati in salutem gentium,
audite nos, qui supplices
vestras ad aras sistimus.
Born for nation's healing,
of Jesse's lineage high,
behold the supplicants kneeling,
o hear the sinner's cry!
Dum sol redux ad vesperum
rebus nitorem detrahit,
nos hic manentes intimo
ex corde vota fundimus.
The sun returned to evening,
dusks all the twilight air:
we, lingering here before you,
pour out our heartfelt prayer.
Qua vestra sedes floruit
virtutis omnis gratia,
hanc detur in domesticis
referre posse moribus.
Your home was as a garden
made glad with fairest flowers;
may life thus blossom sweetly
in every home of ours.
Iesu, tuis oboediens
qui factus es parentibus,
cum Patre summo ac Spiritu
semper tibi sit gloria.
All praise to Thee, O Jesus,
who parents dost obey;
praise to the sovereign Father
and Paraclete for aye.

From the Breviary and Liturgia Horarum. Translation from the Marquis of Bute's Breviary.

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