Contents O gente felix hospita
O House of Nazareth the Blest

Written by Pope Leo XIII (1810-1903). This hymn was formerly used for Lauds on the Feast of the Holy Family.

O GENTE felix hospita,
augusta sedes Nazarae,
quae fovit alma Ecclesiae
et protulit primordia.
O HOUSE of Nazareth the blest,
fair hostess of the Lord,
the Church was nurtured at thy breast
and shared thy scanty hoard.
Sol, qui pererrat aureo
terras iacentes lumine,
nil gratius per saecula
haec vidit aede, aut sanctius.
In all the spreading lands of earth
the wandering sun may see
no dearer spot, no ampler worth
than erst was found in thee!
Ad hanc frequentes convolant
caelestis aulae nuntii,
virtus hoc sacrarium
visunt, revisunt, excolunt.
We know thy humble tenement
was heaven's hermitage:
Celestial heralds came and went
in endless embassage.
Quae mente, Iesu, qua manu,
optata patris perficit!
Quo Virgo gestit gaudio
materna obire munera!
There, whatsoever Ioseph asks
Christ hastens to fulfill;
while Mary loves the household tasks
that wait her joyous will.
Adest amoris particeps
curaeque Ioseph coniugi,
quos mille iungit nexibus
virtutis auctor gratia.
There, Joseph toileth at her side
her joys and griefs to share,
with thousand ties knit to his bride,
of love and work and prayer.
Hi diligentes invicem
in Iesu amorem confluunt,
utrique Iesu mutuae
dat caritatis praemia.
Yet how their bosoms constant burn
and deeper ardors prove
in love of Christ, whose eyes return
tokens of mutual love.
Sic fiat, ut nos caritas
iungat perenni foedere,
pacemque alens domesticam
amara vitae temperet!
O then, in all the homes of earth,
be Love the bond of life:
May it enthrone at every hearth
the peace that husheth strife.
Iesu, tuis oboediens
qui factus es parentibus,
cum Patre summo ac Spiritu
semper sibi sit gloria.
All praise to Thee, O Jesus,
who parents dost obey;
Praise to the sovereign Father
and Paraclete for aye.

From the Roman Breviary. Translation by Rt. Rev. Msgr. Hugh Thomas Henry (1862-1946).

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