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Prayer of St. Clement I

This prayer is found in the writings of Pope St. Clement I (c 38 - c 101) in his letter to the Corinthians. It appears in the Office of the Readings for Monday of the first week in Ordinary Time.

UT SPEREMUS in nomine tuo, principio omnis creaturae, ut oculis cordis nostri apertis cognoscamus te solum, altissimum in altissimis, sanctus in sanctis quiescentem; qui humilias arrogantiam superborum, solvis cogitationes gentium, humiles elevas et excelsos humilias, divites facis et pauperes, occidis et salvas et vivificas, solus benefactor spiritum et Deus omnis carnis; qui intueris in abyssos, inspector operum hominum, periclitantium, adiutor, desperantium salvator, omnis spiritus creator et episcopus; qui gentes in terra multiplicas et ex omnibus eligis eos, qui te diligunt per Iesum Christum Filium tuum dilectum, per quem nos erudivisti, sanctificasti, honorasti. GIVE us the grace, Lord, to hope in Thy Name, to which all creatures owe their being. Open the eyes of our hearts to know Thee alone, the Most High in the highest heavens, whose dwelling is in the holy of holies. Thou abasest the arrogance of the proud, frustrate the designs of the godless, humble the lofty and exalt the lowly, makest wealthy and poor, Thou slayest, Thou savest and Thou bringest to life. Alone the Benefactor of spirits and God of all flesh, Thy gaze penetrates the depths, Thou observest the doings of men. Helper of those in peril, Savior of those in despair, Creator of all that draws breath, Thou causest the peoples on the earth to multiply and from them all choose those who love Thee through Jesus Christ, Thy beloved Son. Through Him Thou hast instructed us, sanctified us, honored us.
ROGAMUS te, Domine, ut sis adiutor et auxiliator noster. Eos nostrum, qui in tribulatione sunt, libera, humilium miserere, lapsos eleva, inopibus occurre, infirmos sana, errantes populi tui converte; nutri esurientes, solve captivos nostros, erige imbecilles, consolare pusillanimes; cognoscunto te omnes gentes, quod tu es Deus solus et Iesus Christus puer tuus ac nos populus tuus et oves pascuae tuae. WE ask Thee, O Lord, to be our supporter and our helper. To those of us who are afflicted, free us, pity the lowly, raise the fallen, show thyself to the needy, heal the sick, convert Thy wayward people, feed the hungry, deliver our captives, support the weak, encourage the faint-hearted. Let all nations know that Thou alone art God and Jesus Christ is Thy Son, and we are Thy people, the sheep of Thy flock.
TU enim perennem mundi constitutionem per effectus manifestasti; tu, Domine, orbem terrae fundasti, fidelis in omnibus generationibus, iustus in iudiciis, admirabilis in fortitudine et magnificentia, sapiens in condendo et prudens in creatis stabiliendis, bonus in iis, quae videntur, et fidelis in eos, qui in te confidunt, benignus et misericors; dimitte nobis iniquitates et iniustitias et peccata et delicta nostra. TRULY Thou hast established the world and revealed Thy decrees. Thou art faithful through all generations, just in judgment, admirable in strength and majesty, wise in building, prudent in establishment, goodness in everything seen, faithful to those who put their trust in Thee, and kind and merciful. Dismiss from us our iniquities, our injustices, our sins and our failings.
NE imputes omne peccatum servorum tuorum et servarum, sed purifica nos in veritate tua et dirige gressus nostros, ut in pietate et iustitia et simplicitate cordis ambulemus et agamus quae bona et beneplacita sunt coram te ac coram principibus nostris. DO not hold the sins of Thy servants against them, but purify us by Thy truth, and direct our steps that in holiness and justice and simplicity of heart we may walk and so do what is good and pleasing in Thy sight and in the sight of our leaders.
IMMO, Domine, ostende faciem tuam super nos, ut bonis fruamur in pace, ut tegamur manu tua potenti et ab omni peccato liberemur bracchio tuo excelso, ac libera nos ab iis, qui nos oderunt iniuste. O Lord, let the light of your face shine upon us, so that we may enjoy Thy blessings in peace, protected by Thy strong hand, and freed from all sin by Thy outstretched arm; and deliver us from those who hate us unjustly.
DA concordiam ac pacem et nobis et omnibus habitantibus terram, sicut dedisti patribus nostris, pie te invocantibus in fide et veritate. Qui solus haec et plura bona nobiscum agere potes, tibi confitemur per pontificem ac patronum animarum nostrarum Iesum Christum, per quem tibi gloria et maiestas et nunc et in generationem generationum et in saecula saeculorum. Amen. GRANT peace and concord to us and to all mankind, even as Thou gavest it to our forefathers when they devoutly called upon Thee in faith and in truth. Thou alone art able to bestow these and even greater benefits upon us. We praise Thee through our high priest and the patron of our souls, Jesus Christ. Through Him be glory and majesty to Thee now and throughout all generations, for ever and ever. Amen.

From the Office of the Readings, Monday of the first week in Ordinary Time. (tr ICEL, adapted)

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