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O Lord of All

By St. Gregory Nazianzen (329-389), Bishop and Doctor of the Church. This prayer is taken from the Office of the Readings for Friday of the 31st week of Ordinary time.

O OMNIUM Domine et effector ac praecipue huius figmenti! O LORD and Creator of all, and especially of this Thy creature!
O Deus tuorum hominum et Pater ac gubernator! O God and Father and Ruler of Thy people!
O vitae et mortis arbiter! O Arbiter of life and death!
O nostrarum animarum custos et benefactor! O Guardian and Benefactor of our souls!
O QUI omnia facis, et tempestive, atque, ut ipse pro sapientiae tuae et administrationis altitudine nosti, artifice Verbo transmutas, nunc quidem Caesarium, discessus nostri primitias, quaeso, suscipe. O THOU who makest all, and in due season transformest all by the power of Thy Word according to Thy wisdom and deep designs, receive now, I beg Thee, those who have gone before us.
NOS vero quoque opportuno tempore suscipe, tamdiu in carne vitam nostram moderatus, quamdiu conducibile fuerit; et quidem suscipe ob metum tuum paratos et non turbatos, neque in extremo die terga vertentes atque invito animo, quemadmodum solent qui mundo et carni addicti sunt, hinc abstractos et avulsos, sed prompte et alacriter ad beatam illam et longaevam vitam proficiscentes, quae est in Christo Iesu Domino nostro, cui gloria in saecula saeculorum. Amen. RECEIVE us too at the opportune time, until Thou hast restrained us in our fleshly life for as long as it will have been to our advantage. Indeed receive us prepared by fear of Thee and not troubled, nor turning back on that day of death, nor unwilling like those who are accustomed to the world and addicted to the flesh. Instead, may we set out eagerly for that everlasting and blessed life which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. To Him be glory for ever and ever. Amen

From the Roman Breviary, Office of the Readings, Friday, 31st week of Ordinary time. (Oratio 7, in laudem Caesarii fratris) (tr MWM).

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