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The Twelve Apostles

While references to the Twelve Apostles frequently appear in Scripture, the actual list of names of the Twelve Apostles appears only four times; Mt 10:2-4, Mk 3:16-19, Lk 6:14-16, and Acts 1:13. Each list generally follows the same order and contains the same names. Matthew mentions Thaddeus, who is also known as Jude and is the author of the New Testament letter bearing his name. Mathias is the Apostle appointed to take the place of Judas after his death. Keeping in mind that the letter "J" was originally the letter "I", one easy way to recall the names of the Twelve is to rearrange the first letters of their names to spell the word "Baptism". The list below has been reordered to take advantage of this mnemonic.

1. Bartholomaeus
2. Andreas
3. Petrus (Simon)
4. Philippus
5. Thomas
6. Iacob Zebedaei
7. Ioannes Zebedaei
8. Iacobus Alphaei
9. Iudas Iacobi (Thaddeus)
10. Iudas Iscariotes
11. Simon Chananaeus (Zelotes)
12. Mattheus
(12. Mathia)
1. Bartholomew
2. Andrew
3. Peter (Simon)
4. Phillip
5. Thomas
6. James
7. John
8. James (the Lesser)
9. Jude
10. Judas Iscariot
11. Simon (the Zealot)
12. Matthew
(12. Mathias)

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