Contents Bone pastor, panis vere
Very Bread, good Shepherd

This prayer was formerly recited for private devotion at the elevation during the Mass. It comes from the last two verses of Lauda Sion, which was composed by St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) for the feast of Corpus Christi.

BONE pastor, panis vere,
Iesu, nostri miserere:
Tu nos pasce, nos tuere:
Tu nos bona fac videre
In terra viventium.
VERY BREAD, good Shepherd, tend us
Jesu, of Thy love befriend us,
Thou refresh us, Thou defend us,
Thine eternal goodness send us
In the land of life to see.
Tu, qui cuncta scis et vales;
Qui nos pascis hic mortales;
Tuos ibi commensales,
Coheredes et sodales
Fac sanctorum civium. Amen.
Thou who all things canst and knowest,
Who on earth such food bestowest,
Grant us with Thy Saints, though lowest,
Where the heavenly feast Thou shewest,
Fellow-heirs and guests to be. Amen.

From the Raccolta # 140. (S. P. Ap., June 15, 1935 and July 12, 1941). From the Roman Missal.

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