Contents Sanctissima Virgo de Cenaculo
Our Lady of the Cenacle
SANCTISSIMA Virgo de Cenaculo, Mater nostra, immaculata Maria, impetra nobis, humiliter deprecamur, Spiritus Sancti dona, ut in caritate viventes et in oratione unanimiter perseverantes, duce te et magistra, ad maiorem Dei gloriam, exemplo et opere animarum saluti adlaborare et ad vitam ingredi mereamur aeternam. MOST Holy Virgin of the Cenacle, our Mother, Mary immaculate, obtain for us, we humbly pray, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, that we may live in charity and persevere with one accord in prayer, under thy guidance and teaching, to the greater glory of God, and that we may labor both by word and deed for the salvation of souls and may deserve to enter into everlasting life.
Adsis propitia, nostra Domina de Cenaculo, in praesenti necessitate et tua nos virtute succurre, ut eam, quam enixe rogamus, gratiam omnipotens et misericors Deus tuis precibus indulgere dignetur. Amen. Graciously be near us, O our Lady of the Cenacle, in our present needs, and succor us by thy power, that Almighty God may be pleased to grant us, through thy pleading, the favor we earnestly pray. Amen.

From the Raccolta #410. (S. C. Ind. Dec. 14, 1889; S. P., March 15, 1934).

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