Contents Psalmus XXXVII (Nova Vulgata)
Psalm 37 (38)
Obsecratio peccatoris in extremo periculo constituti
Prayer of a sinner placed in extreme danger.
Stabant omnes noti eius a longe
(Lc 23:49)
All his acquaintances stood away from him.
(Luke 23:49)
2 DOMINE, ne in furore tuo arguas me, * neque in ira tua corripias me, 2 O LORD, rebuke me not in Thy furor; * nor chastise me in Thy wrath.
3 quoniam sagittae tuae infixae sunt mihi, * et descendit super me manus tua. 3 For thy arrows are fastened in me: * and Thy hand hath descended upon me.
4 Non est sanitas in carne mea a facie indignationis tuae, * non est pax ossibus meis a facie peccatorum meorum. 4 There is no health in my flesh in the face of Thy wrath: * there is no peace for my bones in the face of of my sins.
5 Quoniam iniquitates meae supergressae sunt caput meum * et sicut onus grave gravant me nimis. 5 For my iniquities are gone over my head: * and are a heavy burden too heavy to bear.
6 Putruerunt et corrupti sunt livores mei * a facie insipientiae meae. 6 My wounds are putrid and corrupt, * in the face of my foolishness.
7 Inclinatus sum et incurvatus nimis; * tota die contristatus ingrediebar. 7 I am miserable and am bowed down: * all the day long I walked in sadness .
8 Quoniam lumbi mei impleti sunt ardoribus, * et non est sanitas in carne mea. 8 For my loins are filled with fever; * and there is no health in my flesh.
9 Afflictus sum et humiliatus sum nimis, * rugiebam a gemitu cordis mei. 9 Greatly am I afflicted and humbled: * I roared with the groaning of my heart.
10 Domine, ante te omne desiderium meum, * et gemitus meus a te non est absconditus. 10 Lord, before Thee are all my desires, * and my groaning is not hidden from Thee.
11 Palpitavit cor meum, dereliquit me virtus mea, * et lumen oculorum meorum, et ipsum non est mecum. 11 My heart is troubled, my strength hath left me, * and the light of my eyes themselves is not with me.
12 Amici mei et proximi mei procul a plaga mea steterunt, * et propinqui mei de longe steterunt. 12 My friends and my neighbors * stand nearby and look upon my troubles.
13 Et laqueos posuerunt, * qui quaerebant animam meam, 13 And my kinsman me stood afar: * They laid snares, those who sought my soul,
et, qui requirebant mala mihi, locuti sunt insidias * et dolos tota die meditabantur. and they that sought evil for me said wicked things, * all day long they planned deceitful things.
14 Ego autem tamquam surdus non audiebam * et sicut mutus non aperiens os suum; 14 But I, as a deaf man, heard not: * and as a dumb man not opening his mouth.
15 et factus sum sicut homo non audiens * et non habens in ore suo redargutiones. 15 And I became like one that heareth not: * and that hath no reproofs in his mouth.
16 Quoniam in te, Domine, speravi, * tu exaudies, Domine Deus meus. 16 For in Thee, O Lord, have I hoped: * Thou wilt hear me, O Lord my God.
17 Quia dixi: <<Nequando supergaudeant mihi; * dum commoventur pedes mei, magnificantur super me>>. 17 For I said:May my enemies never rejoice over me: * when my feet stumble, they speak great things against me.
18 Quoniam ego in lapsum paratus sum, * et dolor meus in conspectu meo semper. 18 For I am near to falling: * and my sorrow is continually before me.
19 Quoniam iniquitatem meam annuntiabo * et sollicitus sum de peccato meo. 19 For I will declare my inequity: * and I will be sorry for my sin.
20 Inimici autem mei vivunt et confirmati sunt, * et multiplicati sunt, qui oderunt me inique. 20 But my enemies live, and are stronger that I: * and they that hate me wrongfully multiply.
21 Retribuentes mala pro bonis detrahebant mihi * pro eo quod sequebar bonitatem. 21 They that render evil for good, have humiliated me, because I followed goodness.
22 Ne derelinquas me, Domine; * Deus meus, ne discesseris a me. 22 Forsake me not, O Lord my God:do not Thou depart from me.
23 Festina in adiutorium meum, * Domine, salus mea. 23 Hasten unto my help, O Lord, my salvation.

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