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Rosary from the Hours, Sarum Use

The prayer below was a popular form of the Rosary during the Middle Ages. Continuing on the theme of the previous section on the Rosary, the Rosary came in many forms before it was standardized in the late 16th century to the form we have today. The prayer below is a good example of these early forms. It first appeared in the Sarum Hours of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the latter part of the Middle Ages. Instead of a meditation associated with each decade, meditations were assigned to each Ave. Each meditation draws from the Gospel accounts of the life and words of Jesus. In this regard it resembles the present day Scriptural Rosary, where a passage of Scripture is associated with each Ave.

Decas Prima
First Decade
SUSCIPE rosarium,
Virgo, deauratum
Iesu Christi compendium
vita decoratum. Ave Maria.
ACCEPT, o Virgin,
this golden rosary,
adorned with a summary
of the life of Christ. Hail Mary.
Quem virgo carens vitio
de flamine concepisti:
dum Gabrieli nuntio
humillime consensisti. Ave Maria.
He whom thou, a virgin pure,
without vice didst conceive,
as thou to the messenger Gabriel,
didst humbly consent. Hail Mary.
Quo impraegnata citius
cognatam visitasti:
Ioannemque celeriter
in ventre sanctificasti. Ave Maria.
When pregnant with Him,
and visiting thy kinswoman,
John in Elizabeth's womb
thou didst sanctify. Hail Mary.
Quem in civitate Bethlehem
laetando genuisti:
neque dolorem aliquem
gignendo pertulisti. Ave Maria.
He to whom in the city of Bethlehem,
thou didst joyfully give birth,
and didst not suffer
the pains of childbirth. Hail Mary.
Quem regis David genere:
mox natum adorasti:
ac vagientem ubere
virgineo lactasti. Ave Maria.
He who was born of King David,
thou didst then adore,
and at thy maidenly breast
didst nurse Him the crying babe. Hail Mary.
Quem pannis fasciis
constrictum reclinasti:
et suis obsequiis
te totam mancipasti. Ave Maria.
He whom, swaddled in cloth,
into the manger thou didst place,
and to Him thou didst surrender
all thyself to His service. Hail Mary.
Quem magno cum tripudio
angeli laudaverunt:
pacemque cum gaudio
in terris cecinerunt. Ave Maria.
He whom with solemn worship
the angels did praise,
and a song of peace and joy
on earth did raise. Hail Mary.
Quem pastorem omnium
pastores cognoverunt:
dum in praesepe Dominum
iacente invenerunt. Ave Maria.
He whom the shepherds did acknowledge
as the shepherd of us all,
when they did find their Lord
lying in a manger. Hail Mary.
Qui iuxta ritum hominis
passus circumcisione:
dulcis Iesu nominis
cepit impositionem. Ave Maria.
He who, according to the rites of men,
did suffer circumcision,
and then did receive
the sweet name of Jesus. Hail Mary.
Qui a tribus regibus
ferventer adoratur:
magnisque muneribus
decenter venerant.
He whom the three kings,
fervently adored,
and fittingly honored
with great and costly gifts. Hail Mary.
Dic unum Pater noster, Credo in Deum, et Ave Maria. Say an Our Father, the Apostle's Creed and a Hail Mary.
Decas Secunda
Second Decade
QUEM die quadragesima
in templo praesentasti:
ac Moysi legitima
spontanee subisti. Ave Maria.
HE whom thou on the fortieth day,
didst present in the temple,
and to the laws of Moses,
did willingly submit. Hail Mary.
Quem Herodem fugiens
Aegypto adduxisti:
tandem inde rediens
ad Nazareth venisti. Ave Maria.
He who, while fleeing Herod,
thou didst take to Egypt,
And from thence didst return
to Nazareth. Hail Mary.
Quem ad festum transiens:
dolenter perdidisti:
sed mox templum adiens:
gaudenter repperisti. Ave Maria.
He whom, while from Jerusalem returning,
thou didst with such anguish lose:
But upon returning to the temple,
so joyfully didst find. Ave Maria.
Quem manuum per opera:
sollicite nutrivisti:
et in aetate tenera:
in omnibus providisti. Ave Maria.
He whom by the work of thy hands,
thou didst raise and nourish,
And in His tender years,
didst provide for in everything. Hail Mary.
Quem Iordanis flumine:
Ioannes baptizavit:
et agnoscens nomine:
digito demonstravit. Ave Maria.
He whom in the Jordan River:
John did thus baptize,
and acknowledging Him by name,
did point Him out. Hail Mary.
Quem satanas astutiis:
trifarie tentavit:
salvatorem versutiis:
prudenter obviavit. Ave Maria.
He whom Satan with such cunning,
thrice did try to tempt,
and with our Savior,
did so craftily meet. Hail Mary.
Qui tuo pro oraculo:
aquam in vinum mutat:
in quo suos miraculo:
discipulos confirmat. Ave Maria.
He who by thy request,
water into wine did change,
and at the wedding feast,
His disciples did confirm. Hail Mary.
Qui obsessos plurimis:
daemonibus salvavit:
ac infirmos variis:
languoribus curavit. Ave Maria.
He who those possessed
by many demons did cure,
and of the sick did cure them,
from their various infirmities. Hail Mary.
Qui Lazarum cum filio:
viduae suscitavit:
puellam cum prodigio:
ad vitam revocavit. Ave Maria.
He who from the dead did raise
Lazarus and the widow's son.
And with wondrous sign did
recall the girl to life. Hail Mary.
Qui cum peccatoribus:
frequenter manducavit:
hisque paenitentibus:
peccata relaxavit.
He who with the sinners,
did frequently eat,
And of those who repented,
their sins he did loose. Hail Mary.
Dic unum Pater noster, Credo in Deum, et Ave Maria. Say an Our Father, the Apostle's Creed and a Hail Mary.
Decas Tertia
Third Decade
CUIUS pedes lacrimis:
peccatrix irrigavit:
dolensque ex intimis:
veniam impetravit. Ave Maria.
HE whose feet with tears
the sinful woman did wash:
And grieving with all her heart,
He did pardon her. Hail Mary.
In monte Thabor deforis:
qui transfiguratur:
et gloriosi corporis:
maiestas declaratur. Ave Maria.
He who was transfigured,
upon Mount Tabor outdoors,
And with glorified body
did declare His authority. Hail Mary.
Cum palmis celebriter:
in urbem quem duxerunt:
vespere sed turpiter:
vacuum dimiserunt. Ave Maria.
He who was lead into the city,
with palm branches so solemnly,
but was so shamefully sent
away empty at eventide. Hail Mary.
In cena qui novissima:
pedes suorum lavit:
escaque nobilissima:
cum sanguine cibavit. Ave Maria.
He who at the Last Supper,
did wash the feet of His own,
And with most noble food did feed them,
His very Flesh and Blood. Hail Mary.
In horto mente anxia:
prolixe qui oravit:
et aquam prae tristitia:
cum sanguine sudavit. Ave Maria.
He who was in such anguish,
prayed profusely in the garden,
and with such great sadness,
did sweat with drops of blood. Hail Mary.
Quem viri malefici:
crudeliter vinxerunt:
Annaeque pontifici:
ligatum adduxerunt. Ave Maria.
He who the evil doers
did so cruelly fetter:
And to the high priest Annias,
did lead Him bound. Hail Mary.
Vultum cuius turpibus:
sputis maculabant:
et pugnorum ictibus:
dire verberabant. Ave Maria.
He whose face was marred
so shamefully with spit:
And was struck with such
fearful blows of their fists. Hail Mary.
Quem Pilati sedibus:
damnandum praesentabant:
atque falsis testibus:
dolose accusabant. Ave Maria.
He whom to Pilate sitting:
they did present for condemnation:
And with false witnesses,
did so deceitfully accuse. Hail Mary.
A Iudaeis exhibitum:
Herodes quem immisit:
sed per despectum habitum:
ut fatuum remisit. Ave Maria.
He to whom the crowd was presented,
and then to Herod sent,
but on account of His appearance,
sent back to Pilate as foolish. Hail Mary.
Quem indutum purpura:
columne alligatum:
corona pungit spinea:
flagellis verberatum. Ave Maria.
He who was robed in purple,
to a a column tied,
pricked with a crown of thorns,
and beaten with a lash. Hail Mary.
Dic unum Pater noster, Credo in Deum, et Ave Maria. Say an Our Father, the Apostle's Creed and a Hail Mary.
Decas Quarta
Fourth Decade
QUEM confossum vulneribus:
milites subsannarunt:
ac crucifige vocibus:
Iudaei conclamarunt. Ave Maria.
HE, pierced with many wounds,
who the soldiers mocked,
and the Jews did cry out
to be crucified. Hail Mary.
Ut reum quem sceleris:
Pilatus condemnavit:
crucis lignum humeris:
propriis baiulavit. Ave Maria.
He whom Pilate condemned
like a criminal:
did upon His shoulder
bear the wood of the Cross. Hail Mary.
Calvariae quem vestibus:
loco exuerunt:
et manibus cum pedibus:
cruci affixerunt. Ave Maria.
He whom at Calvary,
they stripped of clothes,
And His hands and feet,
did nail to the Cross. Hail Mary.
Pro suis tortoribus:
attente hic precatur:
dum crucis doloribus:
extensus tenebatur. Ave Maria.
For His torturers,
He did so earnestly pray,
while He was held outstretched,
suffering upon the cross. Hail Mary.
Qui latroni omnia
crimina dimisit:
ac paradisi gaudia
ilico promisit. Ave Maria.
He who dismissed
all the good thief's sins,
and to him the joys of Paradise
did promise that day. Hail Mary.
Qui Ioanne discipulo
te matrem commendavit:
quem tibi in patibulo
in filium donavit. Ave Maria.
He, while upon the Cross,
who thee to John the Disciple,
did commend as mother,
And John to thee as son. Hail Mary.
Qui se relictum ovibus
dum patri querebatur:
inimicorum vocibus
turpiter blasphematur. Ave Maria.
He, abandoned by his flock,
while crying out to the Father,
Was so shamelessly reviled
by the shouts of His enemies. Hail Mary.
Qui dum exhaustis viribus
<<sitio>> clamavit:
fel et acetum faucibus
miles propinavit. Ave Maria.
He, when exhausted of His strength,
did cry out, "I thirst",
to whom the soldier did give
vinegar and gall to drink. Hail Mary.
Qui prophetarum edita
consummans passione:
primi parentis debita
persolvit ratione. Ave Maria.
He, who, consumed with the suffering
predicted by the prophets,
paid in full the debt
of our first parents. Hail Mary.
In manus patris tradidit
spiritum pretiosum:
alta voce dum edidit
canticum dulcorosum. Ave Maria.
He who surrendered His precious spirit
into His Father's hands
as He recited in loud voice
a sweet psalm. Hail Mary.
Dic unum Pater noster, Credo in Deum, et Ave Maria. Say an Our Father, the Apostle's Creed and a Hail Mary.
Decas Quinta
Fifth Decade
CRUCIS mortem subiens
in pace obdormivit:
electos eripiens
infernum introivit. Ave Maria.
UNDERGOING death on the Cross
in peace He did sleep:
Entering the abode of the dead,
He did save the elect. Hail Mary.
Satelles latus domini
lancea perforavit:
hinc aqua iuncto sanguine
abunde emanavit. Ave Maria.
The guard pierced the side
of the Lord with a lance:
from which abundantly flowed forth
blood and water. Hail Mary.
Cuius corpus sanctissimum
de cruce ceperunt:
et sepulcrum mundissimum
eidem aptaverunt. Ave Maria.
Whose most holy body
from the Cross they took
and prepared for it
a clean tomb. Hail Mary.
Qui virtute propria
a morte resurrexit:
teque a tristitia
discipulosque erexit. Ave Maria.
Who did by His own power
arise from death
and raised thee and the
disciples from their sadness. Hail Mary.
Super caelorum sidera
ascendit virtuose:
atque in patris dextera
residet gloriose. Ave Maria.
Above the stars of heaven,
He ascended in power
and at the Father's right
resides in glory. Hail Mary.
Qui pentecostes ipsum
spiritum emisit:
apostolis pro fervore
ante promisit. Ave Maria.
He who on Pentecost did send
forth the Spirit Himself
that He had promised to the
apostles beforehand. Hail Mary.
Qui te super aethera
potenter exaltavit:
et in sua dextera
decenter collocavit. Ave Maria.
He who exalted thee
above the heavens
and to His right side
did so fittingly call. Hail Mary.
Propter mundi scelera
qui iudex est venturus:
singulorum opera
strenue discussurus. Ave Maria.
For the sins of the world,
He who is the judge to come
will bringeth the works of each
swiftly all to naught. Hail Mary.
Dira qui supplicia
est reprobis daturus:
sed electis gaudia
aeterna collaturus. Ave Maria.
He who to the rejected
will meet out dire punishments,
but to the elect
will call to eternal joy. Hail Mary.
Orantibus rosarium
aureum tuae matris:
Iesu Christe propitium
vultum tui patris. Amen.
For those, O Jesus Christ,
who pray this golden Rosary
of Thy mother, ask Thy Father
to be merciful to us in His presence.
Dic unum Pater noster, Credo in Deum, et Ave Maria. Say an Our Father, the Apostle's Creed and a Hail Mary.
In omni tribulatione et angustia nostra, succurre nobis piissima Virgo Maria. In our every tribulation and difficulty, help us o most loving Virgin Mary.
Interveniat pro nobis quaesumus, Domine Iesu Christe, apud tuam clementiam gloriosissima Dei genetrix virgo semper Maria: cuius sacratissimam animam in hora passionis et mortis tuae doloris gladius pertransivit. Qui vivis et regnas cum Deo Patre in unitate Spiritus Sancti Deus, per omnia saecula saeculorum. Amen.
Let intercession be made for us, we beseech Thee, O Lord Jesus Christ, before the throne of Thy mercy, by the blessed Virgin Mary, Thy Mother, whose most holy soul was pierced by a sword of sorrow in the hour of Thy bitter Passion. Through Thee, Jesus Christ, Savior of the world, who with the Father and the Holy Spirit livest and reignest for ever and ever. Amen.

Latin from the Hortulus Animae, 1515. Tr MWM.

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