Contents Oratio ad ss. Trinitatem pro felici morte
Prayer to the Most Holy Trinity for a Happy Death
PATER aeterne! rogo te per vitam et mortem acerbissimam dilectissimi Filii tui, per infinitam bonitatem tuam: concede mihi propitius, ut gratia tua semper vivam et moriar. ETERNAL Father, I ask Thee by the life and bitter death of the most beloved Son and by Thy infinite goodness, mercifully grant that I may always live and die in Thy grace.
Benignissime Iesu! rogo te per amorem Patris tui, quo te semper amplexus est, per ultima verba, quibus in cruce pendens Patri spiritum tuum commendasti, suscipe spiritum meum in vitae meae fine. O most kind Jesus, I ask Thee by Thy love of Thy Father, who always embraced Thee, and by Thy last word which Thou hanging on the Cross didst commend Thy spirit to the Father, receive my spirit at my life's end.
Sancte Spiritus! perfectam caritatem in me accende et in illa spiritum meum conforta, dum ex hac vita emigrem. Holy Spirit, enkindle perfect charity in me and strengthen my spirit with it until I leave this life.
Sanctissima Trinitas, unus Deus, miserere mei nunc et in hora mortis meae. Amen. O most holy Trinity, one God, have mercy on me now and in the hour of my death. Amen.

From Orate Fratres. Tr. MWM.

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