Contents Psalmus VI (Nova Vulgata)
Psalm 6 (6)
Homo afflictus Domini clementiam implorat
A suffering individual begs for the mercy of the Lord.
Nunc anima mea turbata est... Pater, salvifica me ex hora hac?
(Io 12, 27)
My soul is in turmoil.... Father, save me from this hour?
(John 12:27)
2 DOMINE, ne in furore tuo arguas me, * neque in ira tua corripias me. 2 O LORD, do not reprove me in Thy wrath, * nor in Thy anger chastise me.
3 Miserere mei, Domine, quoniam infirmus sum; * sana me, Domine, quoniam conturbata sunt ossa mea. 3 Have mercy on me, Lord, for I am weak, * heal me, Lord, for my body is in torment.
4 Et anima mea turbata est valde, * sed tu, Domine, usquequo? 4 And my soul is greatly troubled, * but Thou, O Lord, how long?
5 Convertere, Domine, eripe animam meam; * salvum me fac propter misericordiam tuam. 5 Turn to me, O Lord, and deliver my soul; * save me on account of Thy mercy.
6 Quoniam non est in morte, qui memor sit tui, * in inferno autem quis confitebitur tibi? 6 For who amongst the dead remembers Thee, * who of the dead will tell of Thee?
7 Laboravi in gemitu meo, lavabam per singulas noctes lectum meum; * lacrimis meis stratum meum rigabam. 7 I have suffered and wept, every night have I washed my bed * and drenched my blanket with my tears.
8 Turbatus est a maerore oculus meus, * inveteravi inter omnes inimicos meos. 8 My eyes are filled with grief, * I have grown feeble in the midst of my enemies.
9 Discedite a me omnes, qui operamini iniquitatem, * quoniam exaudivit Dominus vocem fletus mei. 9 Leave me, all you who do evil, * for the Lord has heard the sound of my weeping.
10 Exaudivit Dominus deprecationem meam, * Dominus orationem meam suscepit. 10 The Lord has heard my appeal, * the Lord has accepted my prayer.
11 Erubescant et conturbentur vehementer omnes inimici mei; * convertantur et erubescant valde velociter. 11 May my enemies be put to shame and come to ruin. * May they be turned away and be swiftly put to shame.

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