Contents Oratio Universalis
Universal Prayer

Written by Pope Clement XI (1700-1721).

CREDO Domine, sed credam firmius; spero, sed sperem securius; amo, sed amem ardentius; doleo, sed doleam vehementius. LORD, I believe in Thee: but let me believe more strongly. I hope in Thee: but let me hope more securely. I love Thee: but let me love Thee more ardently. I sorrow, but deepen my sorrow for my sins.
Adoro te ut primum principium; desidero ut finem ultimum; laudo ut benefactorem perpetuum; invoco ut defensorem propitium. I adore Thee as my first beginning, I long for Thee as my last end, I praise Thee as my constant benefactor, I call on Thee as my loving protector.
Tua me sapientia dirige, iustitia contine, clementia solare, potentia protege. Guide me by Thy wisdom, hold me with Thy justice, comfort me with Thy mercy, protect me with Thy power.
Offero tibi, Domine cogitanda, ut sint ad te; dicenda, ut sint de te; facienda, ut sint secundum te; ferenda, ut sint propter te. I offer Thee, Lord, my thoughts, my words, my actions, and my sufferings to be fixed on Thee, to be according to Thee, and to be endured for Thee.
Volo quidquid vis, volo quia vis, volo quomodo vis, volo quamdiu vis. I want to do what Thou willeth, in the way Thou willeth for as long as Thou willeth, because Thou willeth.
Oro, Domine, intellectum illumines, voluntatem inflammes, cor emundes, animam sanctifices. I pray, O Lord, enlighten my understanding, inflame my will, purify my heart, and sanctify my soul .
Defleam praeteritas iniquitates, repellam futuras tentationes, corrigam vitiosas propensiones, excolam idoneas virtutes. May I weep for my former iniquities, repel future temptations, correct my faults, and cultivate suitable virtues.
Tribue mihi, bone Deus, amorem tui, odium mei, zelum proximi, contemptum mundi. Grant me, O God, love of Thee, hatred of me, zeal for my neighbor, contempt the world.
Studeam superioribus oboedire, inferioribus subvenire, amicis consulere, inimicis parcere. May I be eager to obey my superiors, be courteous to my inferiors, faithful to my friends, and to forgive my enemies.
Vincam voluptatem austeritate, avaritiam largitate, iracundiam lenitate, tepiditatem fervore. Help me to conquer sensuality with austerity, greed with generosity, anger with gentleness, apathy with fervor.
Redde me prudentem in consiliis, constantem in periculis, patientem in adversis, humilem in prosperis. Make me prudent in planning, steadfast in danger, patient in adversity, and humble in prosperity.
Fac, Domine, ut sim in oratione attentus, in epulis sobrius, in munere sedulus, in proposito firmus. O Lord, make me attentive in prayer, temperate in drink, diligent in my duties, and firm in purpose.
Curem habere innocentiam interiorem, modestiam exteriorem, conversationem exemplarem, vitam regularem. May I take care to have an innocent interior, a modest exterior , exemplary speech, and a well-ordered life .
Assidue invigilem naturae domandae, gratiae fovendae, legi servandae, saluti promerendae. May I be ever-watchfull in guarding against my weaknesses, cherishing Thy grace, keeping Thy laws, and coming to salvation.
Discam a te quam tenue quod terrenum, quam grande quod divinum, quam breve quod temporaneum, quam durabile quod aeternum. May I learn from Thee the passing nature of this world, the grandness of heaven, the shortness of this life, and the life to come eternal.
Da mortem praeveniam, iudicium pertineam, infernum effugiam, paradisum obtineam. Grant that I may prepare for death, fear judgment, flee from Hell, and obtain paradise.
Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen. Grant this though Christ our Lord. Amen.

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