Contents Oratio ad Mariam Virginem Post Missam
Prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary After Mass

From the Roman Missal.

O MARIA, Virgo et Mater sanctissima, ecce suscepi dilectissimum Filium tuum, quem immaculato utero tuo concepisti, genuisti, lactasti, atque suavissimis amplexibus strinxisti. Ecce, cuius aspectu laetabaris et omnibus deliciis replebaris, illum ipsum tibi humiliter et amanter repraesento et offero tuis brachiis constringendum, tuo corde amandum, sanctissimaeque Trinitati in supremum latriae cultum, pro tui ipsius honore et gloria et pro meis totiusque mundi necessitatibus, offerendum. Rogo ergo te, piissima Mater, impetra mihi veniam omnium peccatorum meorum, uberemque gratiam ipsi deinceps fidelius serviendi, ac denique gratiam finalem, ut eum tecum laudare possim per omnia saecula saeculorum. Amen. O MARY, most holy Virgin and Mother, behold, I have received thy most beloved Son, Jesus Christ, whom thou concievedst in thy spotless womb, bore, nursed, and held with thy sweet embraces. Behold Him at whose sight thou willst rejoice and be filled with every delight. With love I humbly return Him and offer Him to thee, to hold once more, to love with all thy heart, and to offer to the Holy Trinity as our supreme act of worship for thy honor and glory and for my good and the good of all the world. Therefore I ask thee, most loving Mother, to ask God for forgiveness of all my sins, abundant graces to help me serve Him more faithfully, and for that final grace that I may praise Him with thee for ever and ever. Amen.

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