Contents ORATIONES S. ALFONSI MARIAE DE LIGORIO singulis hebdomadae diebus distributae
Prayers of St. Alphonsus Liguori for Each Day of the Week

Composed by St. Alphonsus Liguori (1696 - 1787).

Die dominica
Amantissime Iesu, Redemptor et Deus, adoro te praesentem in pectore meo sub speciebus panis et vini, quibus factus es cibus et potus animae meae. Sit infinite benedictus adventus tuus ad animam meam, Deus meus, et pro tanto beneficio tibi ex intimo corde gratias ago, et doleo eo quod digne tibi grates rependere non valeo. Dearest Jesus, my Redeemer and my God, I adore Thee now present within my breast under the humble appearances of bread and wine, and thus made the meat and drink of my soul. May thy coming unto my soul be infinitely blessed, my God, and for that great benefit, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I grieve the fact that I am not able to give thanks to you in a manner worthy.
Et quasnam dignas gratiarum actiones habere posset humilis villicus, si rustica in domo sua ab ipso suo rege se visitatum videret, nisi ad illius pedes procumbere et tacito admirari et laudare tantam dignationem? But what fitting thanksgiving could a poor peasant offer, if he should behold his king enter into his cabin to visit him, but to cast himself at his feet, and remain there prostrate in silence, in astonishment, and in thankfulness for his condescension?
Procido ergo coram te, o Rex divine, o Iesu dulcissime, teque adoro ex abysso vilitatis meae. Coniungo adorationem meam adorationi, quam tibi praestitit beatissima Virgo Maria, quando in uterum suum sacrosanctum te recepit, et quo ipsa te amavit amore, eodem te prosequi vellem. I cast myself, therefore, at Thy feet, O my divine King, O sweetest Jesus, and I adore Thee from the depths of my misery. I unite my adoration to that which the Most Holy Mary offered Thee when she received Thee into her most sacred womb: and would that I could also love Thee as she loved Thee.
O Redemptor amabilis, tu hodie verbis meis oboediens, de caelo in manus meas descendisti: et ego? eheu! quoties, praeceptis tuis inoboediens, te, ingrato animo, sprevi et gratiam et amorem tuum reieci! O bone Iesu, meorum veniam delictorum iam te mihi tribuisse confido; quod si culpa mea nondum mihi pepercisti, modo, quaeso, ignosce mihi, o Bonitas infinita, nam te offendisse toto corde me paenitet. O dear Redeemer, in obedience to my words, Thou hast this day come down from heaven into my hands: and I? Alas! how often by disobeying Thy commandments have I ungratefully turned my back upon Thee, and have renounced Thy grace and Thy love! O good Jesus, I hope that now at this moment Thou hast for given me; but if through my fault Thou hast not yet pardoned me, pardon me this morning; for I repent with my whole heart of having offended Thee, O Infinite Goodness.
Utinam, o Iesu, te semper amavissem! A die saltem quo primam missam celebravi, unice pro te amore flagrare debuissem. Tu ex milibus me in sacerdotem et amicum tuum elegisti, quid ultra facere debuisti, ut a me diligereris? Sed gratias ago tibi quia tempus mihi praestas agendi, quod facere omisi. Ex toto corde meo te amare volo. Nullum affectum in corde meo admittere volo nisi pro te, qui me tantis beneficiis ad te redamandum obstrinxisti. O my Jesus, would that I had always loved Thee! At least from the day on which I said my first Mass I should have burned with love for Thee. Thou hast chosen me from the midst of so many millions of men to be Thy priest and Thy friend, what couldst Thou have done more to make Thyself beloved by me? But I thank Thee that Thou givest me time to do that which I have not done. I wish to love Thee with all my heart. No affection will I cherish in my heart save for Thee, who hast so greatly obliged me to love Thee.
Deus meus et omnia. O Deus meus, quid mihi divitiae! quid honores! quid mundi voluptates! tu omnia mihi es. Tu solus eris deinceps unicum bonum, unicus amor meus. Dicam tibi cum sancto Paulino: Sibi habeant divitias suas divites, regna sua reges; mihi Christus gloria et regnum est. Fruantur reges, ac divites terrae, regnis suis, suisque divitiis, tu, o bone Iesu, divitiae meae et regnum meum mihi solus eris. My God and my all. O my God, what are riches to me! what are honors! what the pleasures of the world! Thou art my all. Thou alone shalt be henceforth my only good, my only love. I will say to Thee with St. Paulinus, The rich may have their riches, the kings their kingdoms; to me Christ is glory and kingdom. Let the kings, and rich ones of this world, delight in their kingdoms and in their riches, Thou alone, O good Jesus, shalt be my riches and my kingdom.
O Pater aeterne, per amorem huius Filii tui, quem hodie tibi obtuli, et in cor meum recepi, da quaeso, mihi sanctam perseverantiam in gratia tua, et donum tui sancti amoris. Tibi etiam commendo propinquos meos, amicos et inimicos; animas item purgatorii omnesque peccatores. O Eternal Father, for the love of that Son of yours, whom I have today sacrificed to Thee, and received into my heart, give to me, I beseech, holy perseverance in Thy grace, and the gift of Thy holy love. I recommend to Thee again all my relatives, friends, and enemies; I recommend to Thee the souls in Purgatory, and all sinners.
O Mater mea, Maria sanctissima, impetra mihi sanctam perseverantiam et Iesu Christi amorem. O my Mother, Most Holy Mary, do thou obtain for me holy perseverance and the love of Jesus Christ.
Feria secunda
O Bonitas infinita! O caritas infinita! Deus mihi se totum dedit, factus est totus meus! Anima mea, collige omnes affectus tuos, teque intime coniunge Domino tuo, qui dedita opera ad te venit, ut coniungatur tibi et redametur a te. O infinite Goodness! O infinite Love! God has given Himself wholly to me, and has made Himself all mine! Unite, O my soul, all thy affections and bind thyself to thy Lord, Who has come on purpose to unite himself to thee and to be loved by thee.
O Redemptor amabilis, amplector te, amor et vita mea; me tibi coniungo, noli me despicere. Heu mihi! tempus erat vitae meae, quo te reieci ex anima mea et me separavi a te; sed in posterum vitam meam milies ponere potius volo, quam iterum amittere te, summum Bonum meum. Obliviscere, Domine, omnium iniuriarum, quibus te affeci, et mihi miseratus ignosce; toto corde me illarum paenitet, et prae dolore mori vellem. O dear Redeemer, I embrace Thee, my love and my life, I bind myself to Thee, do not Thou dispise me. Woe is me! for the time of my life, when I have driven Thee from my soul, and have separated myself from Thee; but for the future I will rather lose my life a thousand times than lose Thee, my sovereign Good. Forget, O Lord, all my offences against Thee, and pardon me; I repent with my whole heart, and would that I could die with grief!
Quamvis autem in te peccaverim, mihi praecipis, ut amem te: Diliges Dominum Deum tuum, ex toto corde tuo. Oh! Domine mi, quis ego sum ut a me diligi cupias? Quoniam hoc desideras, amore te prosequi volo. Tu pro me mortem subire voluisti, et carnes tuas in cibum mihi dedisti; ego omnia relinquo, omnibus valedico, et te solum, amantissime Salvator, amplector. But even though I have sinned against you, Thou biddest me, that I should love Thee: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart. Ah! my Lord, who am I, that Thou dost so greatly desire to be loved by me? But if this indeed be Thy desire, I wish to please Thee. Thou didst die for me, Thou hast given Thy flesh to be my food; I leave all, I bid farewell to all, and I embrace Thee alone, my beloved Saviour. For who shall separate me from the love of Christ?
Quis me separabit a caritate Christi? O Redemptor amabilis, et quem alium diligere volo, nisi te, qui es infinita bonitas et infinito amore dignus? Quid mihi est in caelo et a te quid volui super terram? Deus cordis mei, et pars mea Deus in aeternum. Profecto quidem, Deus meus, et ubinam sive in caelo, sive in terra bonum te maius invenire possum, vel qui magis quam tu me dilexerit? O beloved Redeemer, and whom shall I desire to love except Thee, who art infinite Goodness, worthy of infinite love? What is mine in heaven and so what should I want on earth from Thee? O God of my heart and my portion in eternity. Yes, my God, where can I find in heaven, or on earth, a good greater than Thyself, or one who has loved me more than Thou?
Adveniat regnum tuum. Oh! bone Iesu, sume, precor, hoc mane totius cordis mei dominium, illud ego tibi totum praebeo. Tu illud semper ac totum posside, et omnes affectus, qui non sunt ad te, ab eo repelle. Te solum in partem meam, et in meas divitias eligo: Deus cordis mei,- et pars mea, Deus, in aeternum. Thy kingdom come. Ah! good Jesus, take, I pray you, this morning dominion of my whole heart, that I give all to Thee. Do Thou possess it always and entirely, and banish from it every love that is not for Thee. Thee alone do I choose for my portion and my riches: O God of my heart and my portion in eternity.
Da, ut semper illud sancti Ignatii a Loyola in ore habeam et petam: Amorem tui solum cum gratia tua mihi dones, et dives sum satis. Da mihi amorem et gratiam tuam; fac videlicet ut amem te, et amer a te, et dives sum satis, nec amplius ultra desidero, nec aliud quaero. Suffer me to beg and to ask of Thee always with St. Ignatius Loyola, Give me love for Thee alone along with Thy grace, and I am rich enough. Give me Thy love and Thy grace; that is, grant that I may love Thee and be loved by Thee, and with this I am rich enough, I desire and ask Thee for nothing more.
Verumtamen tu scis infirmitatem meam, et quam saepe tibi infidelis exstiterim; adiuva ergo me gratia tua, nec unquam permittas me separari ab amore tuo sancto. Ne permittas me separari a te. Hoc nunc tibi dico, semperque dicere volo, et idipsum tribue, ut repetere tibi semper queam: Ne permittas, ne permittas me separari a te. But Thou knowest my weakness, Thou knowest my past treachery; help me with Thy grace, and do not allow me ever again to separate myself from Thy holy love: Never permit me to be separated from Thee. I say it to Thee now and I desire to repeat it always, and do Thou grant me to be able always to repeat it: Never permit me, never permit me to be separated from thee.
O Virgo sanctissima, spes mea, Maria, impetra mihi a Deo hanc duplicem gratiam: sanctam perseverantiam et sanctum amorem; nihil amplius a te peto. O most holy Virgin, my hope, Mary, do thou obtain for me from God this double grace: holy perseverance and holy love; I ask for nothing more from thee.
Feria tertia
Ah! Domine mi, quomodo potui te multoties offendere, sciens quod peccando tibi summe displicebam? Per merita, quaeso, passionis tuae ignosce mihi, et vinculo amoris tui me tibi obstringe; non te separet a me fetor culparum mearum. Fac ut magis ac magis tuam bonitatem et amorem, qui tibi debetur, et caritatem, qua me dilexisti, semper agnoscam. Oh! my Lord, how could I have so many times offended Thee, when I knew that sin so greatly displeased Thee? Pardon me, I beseech Thee, by the merits of Thy Passion, and bind me by Thy love wholly to Thyself; let not the stench of my sins drive Thee from me. Make me know always more and more how great a good Thou art, the love Thou deservest, and the affection Thou hast borne me.
Cupio, bone Iesu, me totum pro te devovere, qui temetipsum pro me in sacrificium offerre voluisti. Tu innumeris caritatis argumentis me tibi obstrinxisti; ne, quaeso, permittas me unquam separari a te. Amo te, Deus meus, teque semper diligere volo. Et quomodo a te disiunctus, et sine gratia tua vivere potero, cum amorem tuum cognoverim? I desire, good Jesus, to sacrifice myself entirely for Thee, who didst will to sacrifice Thyself wholly for me. Thou by so many artifices hast bound me to Thyself; do not, I beseech, allow me ever again to disjoin myself from Thee. I love Thee, my God, and I will love Thee always. And now that I have known Thy love, how should I be able to live any longer at a distance from Thee and deprived of Thy grace?
Gratias ago tibi quia me pertulisti quando sine gratia tua vivebam, et quia tempus adhuc mihi praestas amandi te. Si tunc mihi supervenisset interitus, te amplius amare non possem. Quoniam vero adhuc te diligere possum, omnibus viribus te amare volo, dulcissime Iesu, tibique in omnibus placere peropto. I thank Thee for having borne with me when I was not in Thy grace, and for now giving me time to love Thee. If I had died then, I could never have loved Thee more. But now that I am able to love Thee, I have the will to love Thee, sweetest Jesus, as much as I am able and I desire to do everything to please Thee.
Diligo te, o Bonitas infinita, amo te plus quam me; et quia amo te, dono tibi corpus meum, animam meam, ac totam voluntatem meam. Fac, Domine, et dispone de me iuxta beneplacitum tuum; in omnibus me tibi subicio. Dummodo mihi concedas ut semper diligam te, nihil aliud posco. Terrena bona da volentibus illa; non aliud ego desidero, nihilque peto, nisi perseverantiam in gratia tua et sanctum amorem tuum. I love Thee, infinite Goodness, I love Thee more than my self; and because I love Thee I give Thee my body, my soul, and my whole will. Do with me and dispose of me, O Lord, as Thou wilt; in everything I subject myself to you. Enough, if Thou allowest me to love Thee always, I ask Thee for nothing more. Give to those who wish for them the goods of this earth: I desire and seek for nought but perseverance in Thy grace, and Thy holy love.
Innixus ego, o Pater aeterne, Filii tui promissis: Amen, amen, dico vobis, si quid petieritis Patrem in nomine meo, dabit vobis, in nomine Iesu Christi peto a te sanctam perseverantiam et gratiam amandi te ex toto corde meo, perfecte faciendo deinceps voluntatem tuam. O eternal Father, trusting in the promise made me by Thy Son, Amen, amen, I say to you, whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you (John 16: 23), I ask of Thee, in the name of Jesus Christ, holy perseverance, and the grace to love Thee with my whole heart, and perfectly fulfil henceforward Thy will.
O Iesu, tu pro me victima factus es, et mihi teipsum dedisti, ut tradam tibi meipsum, tibique immolem voluntatem meam; inquis enim: Praebe, fili mi, cor tuum mihi. Ecce cor meum, Domine, ecce cor meum et animam meam, quam tibi dono et omnino pro te devoveo. O my Jesus, Thou hast sacrificed Thyself wholly for me, and hast given me Thyself, in order that I should give myself to Thee, and sacrifice my entire will to Thee; for I hear Thee saying to me: Give, my son, thy heart to me (Prov. 23: 26). Behold my heart, O Lord, behold my heart, and my soul, which I give to Thee, and sacrifice all for Thee.
Verum tu scis, Domine, infirmitatem meam: succurre mihi; ne permittas me hanc voluntatem meam a te retrahere ad peccandum in te. Minime: noli hoc permittere; da, ut semper diligam te, fac ut amem te quantum sacerdos te diligere debet; et quemadmodum Filius tuus in cruce moriens dicere potuit: Consummatum est, ita in morte mea dicere valeam, quod ex hac die mandata tua custodivi. But Thou knowest, Lord, my weakness: come to my assistance; suffer me not to take back again my will from Thee, by sinning against Thee. No: do not let it be; make me love Thee always, make me love Thee as much as a priest ought to love Thee; and as Thy Son when dying was able to say, It is finished, grant that I also at my death may be able to say, that from this day forward I have fulfilled Thy holy will.
Praesta, ut in omnibus tentationibus et periculis in te peccandi semper ad te recurram, et auxilium tuum per merita Iesu Christi implorare non omittam. Grant, that in all temptations and danger of offending Thee, I may never cease to have recourse to Thee, and to beg Thee to assist me by the merits of Jesus Christ.
O Maria sanctissima, quae omnia potes apud Deum, impetra mihi hanc gratiam, ut in tentationibus semper ad Deum et ad te confugiam. O Mary most holy, who art all-powerful with God, obtain for me this grace, to recommend myself always in temptations to God and to thyself.
Feria quarta
O mi Iesu, video quanta operatus et passus es, ut mihi necessitatem imponeres amandi te;.et ego tam ingratum me tibi probavi? Quoties pro vili delectatione et desiderio nequam tuam gratiam commutavi et amisi te, o Deus animae meae! Creaturarum beneficia grata memoria sum prosecutus, tibi soli me ingratum praebui. Ignosce mihi, Deus meus; doleo eiusmodi ingrati animi crimen, et toto corde me paenitet, et veniam a te spero cum sis infinita bonitas. Si tu bonitas infinita non esses, mihi desperandum foret, nec amplius misericordiam tuam implorare auderem. O my Jesus, I see how much Thou hast done and suffered, to put me under the necessity of loving Thee: and I have been so ungrateful to Thee! How many times, for the sake of some miserable pleasure or fancy, have I bartered away Thy grace, and have lost Thee, O God of my soul! I have been grateful enough to creatures, to Thee alone have I shown ingratitude. My God, pardon me; I grieve with my whole heart, and I hope for pardon from Thee, because Thou art infinite goodness. If Thou wert not infinite goodness, I should despair, and I should not even have the courage to ask for your mercy.
Tibi sint grates, amor meus, quia ad infernum, quem promerui, non me damnasti et tanto tempore me sustinuisti. Sola quidem patientia tua in me, Deus meus, ad amandum te trahere me deberet. Quis unquam me tolerare potuisset, nisi tu, qui es infinitae misericordiae Deus? Iamdiu est, ex quo invitas me ad amandum te; nolo amplius resistere amori tuo; ecce, me tibi totum dedo. Sufficit quantum in te peccavi, nunc te diligere volo. I thank Thee, my love, for not having damned me to hell, as I deserved, and for having borne with me so long a time. Thy patience with me, my God, should alone suffice to fill me with love to Thee. And who in deed but Thou, who art a God of infinite mercy, would have borne with me? I see that Thou hast been following me for so long, in order that I should love Thee. I will no longer resist Thy love: behold, I give myself up entirely to Thee. I have offended Thee enough; now I wish to love Thee.
Amo te, o summum Bonum meum; diligo te, o Bonitas infinita; amo te, Deus meus, qui es infinito amore dignus, et semper repetere volo in tempore et in aeternitate: amo te, amo te. I love Thee, O my sovereign Good; I love Thee, O infinite Goodness; I love Thee, my God, who is worthy of infinite love, and I desire to always repeat, in time and in eternity: I love Thee, I love Thee.
O Deus, et quot annos amisi, in quibus te diligere et in amore tuo progredi potuissem, et eos insumpsi ad peccandum in te! O God, how many years have I lost, in which I might have loved Thee and progressed in Thy love, and I have spent them in offending Thee!
At sanguis tuus, o Iesu, spes mea est. Numquam, spero, te amare cessabo. Ignoro quantum mihi vivendum superest; residuum tamen vitae meae sive breve sive longum sit, illud tibi totum consecro. Ad hunc finem hactenus exspectasti me. Volo quippe tibi complacere, volo te, amantissime Domine, semper amare, teque solum diligere volo. Quid mihi deliciae! Quid divitiae! Quid honores! Tu solus, Deus meus, tu solus, solus es, et semper eris amor meus et omnia. But Thy blood, O Jesus, is my hope. I hope it will never be my lot again to cease to love Thee. I know not how long I have still to live; but the years that remain to me, be they few or many, I consecrate entirely to Thee. For this end Thou hast waited for me until now. Yes, my beloved Lord, I wish to please Thee, I wish to love Thee always, and to love Thee alone. What are pleasures? What are riches? What are honors? Thou alone, my God, Thou alone, art and shalt be always, my love, and my all.
Sed nihil possum, nisi tu adiuves me gratia tua. Vulnera, quaeso, cor meum, inflamma illud sancto amore tuo, tibique totum coniunge, et ita coniunge, ut a te numquam separari possit. Tu amare promisisti, qui te diligit: Ego diligentes me diligo. Nunc amo te: parce audaciae meae, ama tu etiam me, nec permittas me quidquam facere, quod impediat quominus diligas me: Qui non diligit manet in morte. Libera me ab ista morte, qua impediar quominus amem te. Fac, ut semper diligam te, ut semper tu queas amare me; et sic dilectio nostra aeterna sit, nec inter me et te amplius dissolvatur. But I can do nothing, unless Thou helpest me by Thy grace. Wound, I beseech, my heart, inflame it with Thy holy love, and bind it entirely to Thy self, but so bind it that it can never separate itself again from Thee. Thou hast promised to love those who love Thee: I love them that love me (Prov. 8:17). Now I love Thee; forgive my boldness, love me in return, and do not allow me to do anything that would force Thee to cease to love me: Who loveth not, abideth in death (1 John 3:14). Deliver me from this death, to remain deprived of the power of loving Thee. Make me love Thee always, in order that Thou mayest be always able to love me; and thus may our love be everlasting, and may no breach occur between me and Thee.
Hoc praesta, Pater aeterne, per amorem Iesu Christi. Hoc ipsum concede, iucundissime Iesu, ob merita tua, per qua spero fore, ut te semper diligam et vicissim a te semper diligar. Grant it, O eternal Father, for the love of Jesus Christ. Grant it, most happy Jesus, by Thy merits, through them I hope to love Thee always, and to be always loved by Thee.
O Maria, Mater Dei, et mater mea, tu etiam deprecare Iesum pro me. O Mary, Mother of God and my Mother, do thou also pray to Jesus for me.
Feria quinta
O Deus infinitae maiestatis, en proditorem ad pedes tuos, qui tam graviter in te deliquit! Tu multoties pepercisti peccatis meis; et ego, spretis beneficiis et praesidiis, quibus me donasti, iterum te iniuriis affeci. Ceteri peccaverunt in tenebris, ego autem in luce. Sed audi vocem huius Filii tui, quem modo tibi obtuli, et qui nunc est in pectore meo: ipse pro me misericordiam et veniam apud te implorat. Parce mihi, o Bonitas infinita, per amorem Iesu Christi, quia te offendisse toto corde me paenitet. O God of infinite Majesty, behold at Thy feet a traitor, who has so often offended Thee! Thou hast so many times pardoned me; and I, notwithstanding the graces and lights that Thou hast given me, have begun again to offend Thee. Others have sinned in the midst of darkness, I in the midst of light. But listen to this Thy Son, Whom I have offered to Thee, and who now is reposing within my breast: He is asking of Thee mercy and pardon for me. Pardon me, O infinite goodness, for the love of Jesus Christ, for I repent with my whole heart of having offended Thee.
Scio te libenter, Iesu Christi amore, peccatoribus fieri placabilem: Complacuit per eum reconciliare omnia in ipsum. Per amorem igitur Iesu Christi, placare tu etiam mihi. Ne proicias me a facie tua, quamvis id merear; parce mihi et muta cor meum. Cor mundum crea in me, Deus. I know that, for the love of Jesus Christ, Thou art pleased to make peace with sinners: It has well pleased Him, through Him, to reconcile all things to Himself (Col 1, 20). For the love then, of Jesus Christ, be reconciled also to me. Do not cast me from Thy presence, as I should have deserved; pardon me, and change my heart. Create in me a pure heart, of God.
Hoc age ob honorem saltem tuum, quoniam elegisti me in sacerdotem et ministrum ad offerendum tibi ipsum Filium tuum. Fac me vivere sicut decet sacerdotem. Da cor mihi, quo te sacerdos amare debet. Do so at least for Thine honor's sake, since Thou hast made me Thy priest and minister, to sacrifice to Thee Thine own Son. Make me live as a priest. Give to me a heart, by which a priest ought to love Thee.
Exstingue, precor, et destrue in me tui amoris igne omnes terrenos affectus. Fac, ut gratum deinceps me tibi probem pro tantis beneficiis mihi collatis, et pro tanto amore, quo amasti me. Si olim amicitiam tuam sprevi, nunc eam magis aestimo quam cuncta mundi regna, et beneplacitum tuum omnibus divitiis ac caeli terraeque deliciis antepono. Extinguish, I pray, and destroy in me with the fire of Thy love, all my earthly affections. Grant that henceforth I may be grateful for the many graces Thou hast bestowed on me, and for the exceeding love, which Thou hast borne me. If in past time I have despised Thy friendship, now I value it more than all the kingdoms of the world, and I prefer that which pleases Thee to all the riches and pleasures of heaven and earth.
O Pater mi, per Iesu Christi amorem abstrahe me ab omnibus rebus. Tu vis, ut sacerdotes tui ab omnibus, quae in mundo sunt, omnino segregati sint, ac tibi soli, et operibus gloriae tuae vivant: Segregate mihi Saulum et Barnabam in opus, ad quod assumpsi eos. Scio quod etiam id a me requiris, et hoc facere propono, sed tu adiuva me gratia tua. Trahe me totum ad te. O my Father, for the love of Jesus Christ detatch me from all things. It is Thy will that Thy priests should be wholly separated from the world, in order to live for Thee alone, and for the things of Thy glory: Separate me Saul and Barnabas, for the work whereunto I have taken them (Acts 13: 2). The same I know is Thy will for me. I resolve to do it, but do Thou help me with Thy grace. Draw me wholly to Thyself.
In laboribus et in adversis mihi patientiam et voluntatis conformationem tribue. Da, ut per amorem tuum meipsum mortificem. Concede mihi spiritum verae humilitatis, quo gaudeam me abiectum et imperfectum reputari. Doce me facere voluntatem tuam, et tum quod a me requiris indica mihi, id enim exsequi volo. Give me patience and resignation in difficulties and in contradictions. Give me the spirit of mortifying myself for Thy love. Give me the spirit of true humility, that I may even rejoice in being considered vile and full of faults. Teach me to do Thy will, and then tell me what Thou wiliest of me, for I will do all.
Recipe, Deus meus, ad amandum te peccatorem, qui hactenus nimium in te peccavit, sed nunc vere te diligere vult et esse tuus. O Deus aeterne, spero fore ut te amem in aeternum. Et ideo volo etiam in hac vita te multum amare, ut multum te amare valeam in aeternitate. Allow, my God, a sinner to love Thee, who in past times has offended Thee too much, but who now desires to love Thee truly, and to be wholly Thine. O eternal God, I hope to love Thee forever. And therefore also I wish to love Thee exceedingly in this life, that I may love Thee exceedingly in eternity.
Et quia amo te, ab omnibus te cognosci et amari desidero; et ideo, Domine, quoniam fecisti me sacerdotem tuum, fac ut pro te laborem, et saluti animarum incumbam. And because I love Thee, I would see Thee known and loved by all, and therefore, Lord, since Thou hast made me Thy priest, give me the grace to labor for Thee, and to gain Thee souls.
Haec omnia spero per merita tua, o Christe Iesu, et per tuam intercessionem, o Mater mea Maria. I hope for all through Thy merits, O Christ Jesus, and through thy intercession, O my Mother Mary.
Feria sexta
O Iesu! et quomodo potuisti me ex milibus in sacerdotem tuum eligere? Me, qui toties tibi terga verti, et pro nihilo gratiam tuam sprevi? Amantissime Domine mi, doleo ex tota anima mea de peccatis meis. Dicito mihi, remisistine peccata mea? Spero quidem. Fuisti quippe Redemptor meus non semel tantum, sed quoties mihi pepercisti. Ah, Salvator mi, utinam numquam te offendissem! Fac, obsecro, me audire quod Magdalenae dixisti: Remittuntur tibi peccata tua. Fac, ut sentiam me in gratiam tuam iam esse receptum donans mihi magnum dolorem de peccatis meis. O Jesus! how couldst Thou choose me for Thy priest from the midst of so many men? Me, who have so often turned my back on Thee, and despised Thy grace for a mere nothing? My beloved Lord, I grieve from my whole soul these sins of mine. Tell me, hast Thou pardoned my sins? I hope so. Yes, Thou hast been my Redeemer, not once only, but as often as Thou hast pardoned me. Oh, my Saviour, would that I had never offended Thee! Let me hear those words Thou didst say to Magdalene: Thy sins are forgiven thee. Let me hear that Thou hast reinstated me in Thy grace, in giving me a great sorrow for my sins.
In manus tuas commendo spiritum meum; redemisti me, Domine, Deus veritatis. Oh! divinissime Pastor, tu de caelo descendisti ad inveniendum me, perditam ovem, et pro me cotidie super altare descendis; posuisti vitam tuam ut salvum me faceres; ne derelinquas me. In manus tuas commendo animam meam, suscipe clementer eam, et ne permittas unquam separari a te. Into thy hands I commend my spirit; thou hast redeemed me, O Lord, God of truth. Ah! divine Shepherd, Thou didst come down from heaven to seek after me, the lost sheep, and every day Thou descendest on the altar for my good; Thou hast given Thy life to save me: do not abandon me. I commend my soul into Thy hands, receive it in Thy mercy, and never allow it to be separated again from Thee.
Tu pro me totum Sanguinem tuum fudisti. Te ergo quaesumus, tuis famulis subveni, quos pretioso Sanguine redemisti. Nunc es advocatus meus, non vero iudex; veniam pro me apud Patrem tuum impetra; obtine mihi lumen et virtutem amandi te ex tota anima mea. Da residuum vitae meae sic transigere, ut cum te iudicem aspexero, mihi te placatum videam. Thou didst shed all Thy blood for me: Therefore, we beseech Thee, help Thy servants, whom Thou hast redeemed with Thy precious blood. Thou art now my advocate, not my judge; obtain for me pardon from Thy Father; obtain for me light and strength to love Thee with my whole soul. Give me so to pass the remainder of my life, that when I behold Thee as my judge, I may behold Thee appeased with me.
Regna, quaeso, amore tuo in corde meo, fac ut sim totus tuus; et ideo, Salvator amabilis, memorem me fac semper amoris, quo me dilexisti, et quanta operatus et passus es, ut me salvares, et amareris a me. Ad hoc me sacerdotem fecisti, ut nihil diligam praeter te. Reign over my heart, I beseech Thee, with Thy love, make me wholly Thine; and for this end, recall to me always, my dear Saviour, the love Thou hast borne me, and all that Thou hast done and suffered to save me, and to make Thyself loved by me. It was for this that Thou hast made me a priest, that I should love none but Thee.
Iesu mi, volo quippe tibi complacere; ego diligo te, et nihil aliud diligere volo praeter te. Yes, my Jesus, I desire to please Thee; I love Thee, and will to love none other but Thee.
Fac me humilem et patientem in laboribus huius vitae, mansuetum in humiliationibus, a terrenis deliciis abhorrentem et a creaturis abstractum, et praesta, ut a corde meo eiciam omnes affectus, qui non sunt ad te. Give me humility and patience in the trials of this life, meekness in humiliation, mortification to earthly pleasures and detachment from creatures, and grant that I may banish from my heart every affection that does not tend to Thee.
Haec omnia a te imploro, et spero per merita passionis tuae. O Iesu iucundissime, amabilis Iesu, o bone Iesu, exaudi me. I ask and hope for all through the merits of Thy passion. O most happy Jesus, my beloved Jesus, O good Jesus, hear Thou me.
O mater mea, et spes mea, Maria, tu quoque exaudi me et ora Iesum pro me. O my Mother and my hope, Mary, do thou also hear me, and pray to Jesus for me.
Loquere, Domine, quia audit servus tuus. O Iesu amantissime, tu venisti etiam hoc mane ad visitandam animam meam, ex intimo corde tibi gratias ago. Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. My dear Jesus, Thou hast come again this morning to visit my soul; I thank Thee with all my heart.
Quoniam venisti ad me, loquere, quaeso, et dicito mihi quid velis a me quia omnia facere volo. Non mereo quod ultra mihi loquaris, eo quod vocem tuam audire persaepe recusavi, qua me vocabas ad amorem tuum, et ingratus tibi terga verti. Verum de peccatis meis iam paenitentiam egi, nunc iterum me illorum paenitet, et veniam a te iam obtinuisse confido. Dic ergo mihi quid me vis facere, sum enim paratus ad omnia. Since Thou hast come, speak to me, tell me what Thou wiliest of me, for I desire to do all. I should deserve that Thou didst no longer speak to me, for having so many times been deaf to Thy voice, which called me to love Thee, and for having ungratefully turned my back upon Thee. But I have already repented of my offenses against Thee, I repent anew, and I hope that Thou hast already pardoned me. Tell me, then, what Thou desirest of me, for I will fulfill all.
Utinam, Deus meus, te semper amassem! Hei mihi! quot annos amisi! At Sanguis tuus, et promissiones tuae spem mihi afferunt reparandi tempus amissum, te solum deinceps amando tibique placendo. Would that I had always loved Thee, my God! Woe is me! how many years have I lost! But I hope, through Thy blood and Thy promises, to make up in future for the time I have lost, by attending solely to Thy love and pleasure.
Amo te, Redemptor meus, amo te, Deus meus, ad nihil aspiro nisi ad amandum te ex toto corde meo, et ad vitam ipsam ponendam pro amore tui, qui amore mei mortem subire voluisti. Amore amoris tui, dicam tibi cum sancto Francisco, moriar, qui amore amoris mei dignatus es mori. I love Thee, my Redeemer, I love Thee, my God, To long for nothing but to love Thee with all my heart, and even to die for the love of Thee, who died for love of me. I will say to Thee with St. Francis: I will die of love for the love of Thee, who hast vouchsafed to die of love for the love of me.
Tu, Iesu, mihi totum teipsum dedisti; dedisti tuum Sanguinem, vitam, omnes sudores tuos, omnia merita tua; plus dare non habuisti: ego me totum tibi dono; dono tibi omnes delectationes meas, omnes saeculi delicias, corpus meum, animam, voluntatem; plus tibi dare non habeo; si plus haberem, plus tibi darem. Iucundissime Iesu, tu mihi sufficis. Thou, my Jesus, hast given Thyself wholly to me; Thou hast given me all Thy blood, Thy life, all Thy sweat, all Thy merits; Thou hast nothing left to give me: I give my self all to Thee. I give Thee all my satisfactions, all the pleasures of the earth, my body, my soul, my will; I have nothing more to give Thee; had I more, I would give Thee more. Most delightful Jesus, Thou art sufficient for me.
Fac tamen, Domine, ut sim tibi fidelis; ne permittas me, mutata voluntate, derelinquere te. Spero per merita passionis tuae, Salvator mi, id mihi numquam obventurum. Tu dixisti: Nullus speravit in Domino, et confusus est. Tota igitur fiducia dicere possum et ego: In te, Domine, speravi, non confundar in aeternum. Spero, o Deus animae meae, et semper volo sperare, numquam confusionem passurum videndi me separatum a te. In te, Domine, speravi, non confundar in aeternum! But do Thou, O Lord, make me faithful to Thee; do not let me change my will and leave Thee. I hope through Thy Passion, O my Saviour, that this will never happen. Thou hast said: In thee, Lord, have I hoped, let me never be confounded (Eccl 2:11). I also, therefore, may resolutely say: In thee, Lord, have I hoped; may I never be confounded. I hope, and I will always hope, O God of my soul, that I shall never suffer the confusion of seeing my self separated from Thee, and deprived of Thy grace: In thee, Lord, have I hoped, let me never be confounded (Ps. 30, 2).
Deus meus, tu omnipotens es, effice me sanctum. Fac, ut multum diligam te, fac, ut nihil praetermittam, quod redundet in gloriam tuam, et omnia vincam, ut tibi complaceam. Thou, my God, art all-powerful. Make me holy. Grant that I may love Thee exceedingly, that I may never neglect anything that I know to be for Thy glory, and that I may overcome all, in order to please Thee.
O me beatum, si omnia perdam, ut solum te, et amorem tuum inveniam! Ad hunc finem vitam tribuisti mihi, fac, ut eam operibus gloriae tuae omnino impendam. O happy me, if I lose all, to gain Thee and Thy love! For this end Thou hast given me my life, hrant that I may spend it wholly for Thee.
Non mereor beneficia, sed poenas; ideo deprecor te, ut punias me sicut vis, dummodo gratiam tuam non auferas a me. I do not deserve graces, but punishments: and I say to Thee, punish me as Thou wilt, but do not deprive me of Thy love.
Sine mensura amasti me, o caritas infinita, o infinita bonitas, sic amo et amabo te. O voluntas Dei! tu es amor meus. O Iesu mi! tu mortuus es pro me, utinam ego etiam mori possem pro te et morte mea efficere, ut omnes ament te. O bonitas infinita et infinite amabilis! ego te maximi facio et super omnia diligo te. Thou hast loved me without reserve, O infinite love, infinite Good. O will of God! thou art my love. O my Jesus! Thou didst die for me, would that I could die for Thee, and by my death cause all men to love Thee! O infinite Good, and infinitely loveable! I prize Thee and love Thee above all things.
O Maria! trahe me ad Deum; da mihi fiduciam in te et fac, ut semper ad te confugiam; intercessione tua sanctum me reddere debes; ita spero. O Mary! draw me wholly to God; give me confidence in thyself, and make me have continual recourse to thee; Thou, by thy prayers, must make me holy: so I hope.

From the "Preces Ante et Post Missam, Alliaeque Orationes Sacerdotibus Utilissimae", Ratisbonae, 1955. See also "Preces Selectae", 1990.

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