Contents Domine Deus Omnipotens Rex Regum
O Lord God Almighty, King of Kings

From an 11th century manuscript.

DOMINE Deus Omnipotens, Rex regum et Dominus dominantium, in cuius manu omnis victoria consistit et omne bellum conteritur, concede mihi ut tua manus cor meum corroboret ut in virtute tua in manibus viribusque meis bene pugnare viriliterque agere valeam ut inimici mei in conspectu meo cadent et corruant sicut corruit Golias ante faciem pueri tui David, et sicut populus Pharaonis coram Moysi in mare rubro, et sicut Philistini coram populo Israel cecidi1 sunt, et Amalech coram Moysi et Chananei coram Iesu corruerunt, sic cadant inimici mei sub pedibus meis, et per viam unam conveniant adversum me et per septem fugiant a me; et conteret Deus arma eorum et confringet framea eorum, et liquescent in conspectu meo sicut cera a facie ignis ut sciant omnes populi terrae quia invocatum est nomen Domini nostri Iesu Christi super me et magnificetur nomen tuum Domine, in adversariis meis, Domine Deus Israel. O LORD God Almighty, King of kings, Lord of rulers, in whose hand all victory rests and all war is destroyed, grant me that Thy hand may strengthen my heart so I may fight well and act courageously so my enemies may fall before my sight. May they fall as did Goliath fall before Thy servant David, as did the people of the Pharaoh in the Red Sea before Moses, as did the Philistines before the people of Israel, as did Amalech before Moses, and as did the Canaanites before Joshua, so may my enemies fall beneath my feet. May all who come against me be dispersed and God destroy their weapons and shatter their swords. They will melt in my sight as wax in the face of fire so all the peoples of the earth will know that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ has been invoked over me. May Thy Name, O Lord, be made great over my adversaries, O Lord, God of Israel.

1 The original has cecidi, but caesi makes more sense.
A Pre-Conquest English Prayer-Book, ed. Bernard James Muir, 1988. HBS

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