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Commemoration of St. Joseph

This commemoration was once recited at the end of Vespers from the Third Sunday after Epiphany to the Fourth Sunday of Lent; and from the Third Sunday to the Last Sunday after Pentecost inclusively, except on Doubles and within Octaves.

ECCE fidelis servus et prudens, quem constituit Dominus super familiam suam. BEHOLD a faithful and wise servant, whom the Lord hath set over His household.
V. Gloria et divitiae in domo eius.
R. Et iustitia eius manet in saeculum saeculi.
V. Glory and riches shall be in his house.
R. And his justice shall endureth for ever and ever.
Deus, qui ineffabili providentia beatum Ioseph sanctissimae Genetricis tuae sponsum eligere dignatus es: praesta quaesumus, ut quem protectorem veneramur in terris, intercessorem habere mereamur in caelis. Qui vivis et regnas... Amen.
Let us pray:
O God, who by Thine unspeakable Providence didst vouchsafe to choose Blessed Joseph to be the Spouse of Thy most holy Mother: mercifully grant that as we venerate him for our Protector on earth, we may be found worthy to be aided by his intercession in heaven. Thou who livest and reignest... Amen.

From the Manual of Prayers, Third Plenary Council of Baltimore, 1888

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