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God That All Things Didst Create

Composed by St. Ambrose ( 340-397). Deus Creator Omnium is an ancient hymn for Saturday Vespers. Virtually all of the ancient Breviaries contain the hymn. Curiously, however, it is not found in the Roman Breviary. The hymn, less verses 6 and 7, is used for Saturday Vespers (Vespers I) in the Liturgia Horarum during Ordinary Time.

DEUS creator omnium
polique rector, vestiens
diem decoro lumine,
noctem soporis gratia.
GOD that all things didst create
and the heavens doth regulate,
Who doth clothe the day with light,
and with gracious sleep the night....
Artus solutos ut quies
reddat laboris usui
mentesque fessas allevet
luctusque solvat anxios.
Grates peracto iam die
et noctis exortu preces,
voti reos ut adiuves,
hymnum canentes solvimus.
Day sinks; we thank Thee for thy gift,
night comes; to Thee again we lift
our prayers and vows and hymns, that we
against all ills defended be....
Te cordis ima concinant,
te vox canora concrepet,
te diligat castus amor,
te mens adoret sobria.
Ut cum profunda clauserit
diem caligo noctium,
fides tenebras nesciat
et nox fide reluceat.
That so, when shadows round us creep
and all is hid in darkness deep,
faith may not feel the gloom; and night
borrow from faith's clear gleam new light....
Dormire mentem ne sinas,
dormire culpa noverit;
castos fides refrigerans
somni vaporem temperet.
From snares of sense, Lord, keep us free
and let our hearts dream but of thee.
Let not the envious foe draw near
to vex our quiet rest with fear.
Exuta sensu lubrico
te cordis alta somnient,
ne hostis invidi dolo
pavor quietos suscitet.
Christum rogamus et Patrem,
Christi Patrisque Spiritum;
unum potens per omnia,
fove precantes, Trinitas. Amen.
Hail we the Father and the Son
and Son's and Father's Spirit, one
blest Trinity who all obey;
guard Thou the souls that to Thee pray. Amen.

Latin from the Liturgia Horarum. Translation by F.A. Wright, Fathers of the Church

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