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Save Me, O Holy Cross

This prayer to the Cross has been attributed to St. Anselm and appears with the rest of his writings in Migne's work. However, evidence indicates it was not composed by him but by a later author who compiled Anselm's prayers and added his own to the list

SALVA me, sancta crux, quae in corpore Christi dedicata es, et ex membrorum eius compage tamquam margaritis ornata; quae pretium nostrum portare digna fuisti, et vitam aeternam nobis attulisti. Iesu bone, praesta mihi ut per signum et reparationem sanctae crucis, me ab omnibus inimicorum incursionibus liberes et tua bonitate conserves, peccata dimittas, veniam indulgentiae tribuas: qui vivis et regnas, Deus per omnia saecula saeculorum. Amen. SAVE me, o holy Cross, who art consecrated with the body of Christ and ornamented as if by pearls from this union with his limbs; thou hast been made worthy to carry the price of our salvation and hast held up eternal life to us. O good Jesus, grant to me that through the reparation and mark of Thy holy Cross, Thou willst free me from the incursions of all my enemies, preserve me in Thy goodness, dismiss my sins, and grant me forgiveness: Thou who livest and reignest, God forever and ever. Amen.

Oratio XLV PL, Migne, v 158. Tr. MWM.

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