Contents Ave, crux sancta, virtus nostra
Hail, Holy Cross, Our Strength

This prayer to the Cross has been attributed to St. Anselm and appears with the rest of his writings in Migne's work. However, evidence indicates it was not composed by him but by a later author who compiled Anselm's prayers and added his own to the list.

AVE, crux sancta, virtus nostra.
Ave, crux adoranda, laus et gloria nostra.
Ave, crux, auxilium et refugium nostrum.
Ave, crux, consolatio omnium moerentium;
HAIL, O holy Cross, our strength.
Hail, O adorable Cross, our praise and glory.
Hail, O Cross, our help and refuge.
Hail, O Cross, consolation of all the mournful.
Salve, crux, victoria et spes nostra;
Salve, crux, defensio et vita nostra.
Salve, crux, redemptio et liberatio nostra.
Salve, crux, signum salutis, atque inexpugnabilis murus contra omnem virtutem inimici.
Hail, O Cross, our victory and hope.
Hail, O Cross, our defense and our life.
Hail, O Cross, our liberation and redemption.
Hail, O Cross, our sign of salvation and bulwark against the enemy.
Sit mihi crux semper spes Christianitatis meae.
Sit mihi crux resurrectio mortis meae.
Sit mihi crux triumphus adversus daemones.
Sit mihi crux mater consolationis meae.
May the Cross be for me always hope of my faith.
May the Cross be for me resurrection in my death.
May the Cross be for me triumph against demons.
May the Cross be for me mother of my consolation.
Sit mihi crux requies tribulationis meae.
Sit mihi crux baculus senectutis meae.
Sit mihi crux medicina aegrotationis meae.
Sit mihi crux protectio nuditatis meae.
May the Cross be for me rest in my tribulations.
May the Cross be for me support in my old age.
May the Cross be for me healing in my illness.
May the Cross be for me protection in my nudity.
Sit mihi crux consolatio vitae meae.
Sit mihi crux in omnibus angustiis meis solatium.
Sit mihi crux remedium in tribulationibus meis.
May the Cross be for me consolation in my life.
May the Cross be for me solace in all my difficulties.
May the Cross be for me balm in my tribulations.
Sit mihi crux in infirmitatibus meis medicamentum, atque contra omnia adversa tutamentum. Amen. May the Cross be for me medicine to my infirmities and protection against all my enemies. Amen.

Text from Migne's Patrologia Latina, (Oratio XLIV, v158) Tr. MWM.

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