Contents Te, Iesu, verum Deum et Hominem
I adore Thee, O Jesus
TE, Iesu, verum Deum et Hominem hic in sancta Eucharistia praesentem, in genua humillime provolutus, cum fidelibus terrae et Sanctis caeli mente coniunctus, adoro; ac pro tanto beneficio intime gratus, te, Iesu, infinite perfectum atque infinite amabilem ex toto corde diligo. I ADORE Thee, O Jesus, true God and true Man, here present in the Holy Eucharist, humbly kneeling before Thee and united in spirit will all the faithful on earth and all the blessed in heaven. In deepest gratitude for so great a blessing, I love Thee, my Jesus, with my whole heart, for Thou art all perfect and worthy of love.
DA mihi gratiam ne ullo modo te unquam offendam, atque ut, tua hac in terra eucharistica praesentia recreatus, ad tua aeterna ac beata in caelis praesentia1 una cum Maria perfruendum merear pervenire. Amen. GIVE me grace to nevermore in anyway offend Thee, and grant that I, being refreshed by Thy Eucharistic presence here on earth, may be found worthy to come to the enjoyment with Mary of Thine eternal and ever-blessed presence in heaven. Amen.

1 ad tua aeterna ac beata in caelis praesentia - an error in the Raccolata? Seems to need the accusative case here.

From the Raccolta #183. (S. C. of the Holy Off., March 18, 1909; S. P. Ap., Oct. 30, 1934).

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