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Direct, we beg Thee, O Lord

This ancient and venerable prayer asking for Divine inspiration and assistance is found in the Roman Ritual amongst the collects for the Litany of the Saints. Besides the Roman Ritual, it was at one time also a collect for the second Sunday of Lent in some Sacramentaries. Today, in addition to the Litany of the Saints, it can be found in the Liturgia Horarum as a final prayer for Monday Laudes of the first week of the Psalter in Ordinary time. A partial indulgence is attached to this prayer.

ACTIONES nostras, quaesumus Domine, aspirando praeveni et adiuvando prosequere: ut cuncta nostra oratio et1 operatio a te semper incipiat, et per te coepta finiatur. Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen. DIRECT, we beg Thee, O Lord, our prayers and our actions by Thy holy inspirations and carry them on by Thy gracious assistance, so that every work of ours may always begin with Thee, and through Thee come to completion. Amen.

1 'oratio et' is not in the LH, but is present in the Roman Ritual.
From the Liturgia Horarum. Tr. MWM.

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