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Prayer to One's Guardian Angel

From the Sarum Horae, a Salisbury Primer printed at Westminster by Wynkyn de Worde, ca 1494. As is readily seen, the prayer starts with a variation of the well known Angele Dei.

Angele qui meus es custos, pietate superna:
me tibi comissimum, salva, defende, guberna.
O tu dulcis angele, qui mecum moraris,
licet personaliter mecum non loquaris,
animam cum corpore precor tuearis,
tuum hoc est officium, ad quod assignaris.
O my Guardian Angel, save me, defend me, and govern me, who was committed to thee by heaven above
O thou sweet angel, who lingers here with me,
though thou canst not speak with me,
my body and soul I pray thee to keep.
This is thy duty to which thou art assigned.
V. O beate angele, nunti Dei nostri.
R. Actus meos regula ad votum Dei altissimi.
V. O blessed Angel, messenger of God.
R. Direct my actions according to the will of God most high.
Oremus: Deus, qui sanctorum angelorum tuorum aliquos tibi benigne concedis assistere: et aliquos iubes hic in terris hominibus misericorditer ministrare, concede propitius: sic angelum mihi comissimum ad custodiam me in bonis dirigere, ad virtutes assidue excitare, et a peccatorum voragine potentissime liberare, quatenus in districto iudicio quando fiet unum ovile hominum ac etiam angelorum, sub tanto pastore merear inter sui gregis pecora numerari. Per DNC. Amen Let us pray: O God, who graciously grants some of Thy Holy Angels to assist Thee, and mercifully bids others here on earth to minister to men, graciously permit the angel committed to me as my protector to direct me in good things, to constantly rouse me to virtue, and to free me from that most powerful abyss of sin, so that at the final judgment when the sheepfold of men and angels will be one, under such a shepherd as he may I be found to be deserving to be numbered among his flock. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Latin from Wilmart (p 556), see also Maskell, Monumenta Ritualia. Tr MW

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