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I Beseech Thee, Angelic Spirit

From the Antidotarius animae of Nicolas Salicetus, Cistercian abbot of Bomgart (near Strasbourg), late 15th century.

OBSECRO te, angelice spiritus, cui ego ad providendum commissus sum: ut custodias me indesinenter, protegas, visites, et defendas ab omni incursu diaboli. Vigilantem atque dormientem, nocte ac die, horis continuis atque momentis confove me. Ubicumque iero, comitare mecum. Repelle a me per virtutem Dei omnem tentationem satanae: et quod mea non exigunt merita tuis precibus obtine apud misericordissimum iudicem, ut nihil in me habeat locum contrariae virtutis admixtio. Cumque me per abrupta vitiorum de via esse videris, per semitas iustitiae incedendo ad redemptorem meum reducere satagas et, in quacumque necessitate vel in quacumque angustia me esse perspexeris, auxilium Dei omnipotentis tuo obtentu super me adesse sentiam. I BESEECH thee, angelic spirit, to whom I have been entrusted by providence: that thou unceasingly guard me, protect me, visit me, and defend me from every attack of the devil. While I am waking and sleeping, by night and by day, every hour and minute protect me. Accompany me wherever I go. By the power of God, drive from me every temptation of Satan, and those which my merits do not drive away, by thy prayers hold fast before the most merciful judge, so that nothing contrary may have a place in me. And whenever thou seest me treading upon the slippery path of vice, trouble thyself to lead me back to my Redeemer through the paths of justice. And whatever need or distress thou beholdst me to be in, may I feel the help of almighty God by means of thy protection over me.
Precor te custos meus ut si fieri possit notum mihi facias finem meum. Et, cum de hoc corpore ductus fuero, non dimittas malignos spiritus terrere me aut illudere, neque in foveam desperationis inducere. Et non derelinquas me, iubente Deo, donec ad visionem conditoris mei perducas, in qua simul et ego pro opere et tu pro custodia mea una cum beatissima Dei genetrice sanctisque angelis et omnibus sanctis perenniter laetemur. Amen. I pray thee, my guardian, if it can be done, to make my end known to me. And when I shall be drawn forth from this body, do not allow evil spirits to frighten me or taunt me, nor allow me to fall into the pit of desperation. And do not abandon me until thou hast led me to the sight of my Creator, in which I and thou, as my protector, together with Mary the most blessed mother of God and all the saints may rejoice forever. Amen.

Latin from Wilmart, p 542. TR MWM.

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