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O Angelic Spirit

This prayer echoes some of the same phrases as found in the previous prayer from the Sarum Horae. However, the source of this prayer is much more recent.

O ANGELICE Spiritus, diligentissimus huius vitae dux, gratias tibi ago ex toto corde meo pro omni amore et fide, quibus adhuc me affectus es. Indulge meae levitati, quod tam saepe tuas sanctas inspirationes non secutus sum et per inoboedientiam meam tibi magnum et acerbum dolorem commovi. Repelle a me per virtutem sancti Crucis omnem tentationem satanae, et quod mea non exigunt merita, tuis precibus obtine apud Deum. In quacumque tribulatione vel angustia me esse perspexeris, auxilium Dei omnipotentis tuo obtentu et precamine mihi adesse sentiam. Commendo tibi hodie et in perpetuum corpus, cor, et animam meam, memoriam, intellectum et voluntatem, appetitus meos et sensus meos, ut me custodias, dirigas et gubernes; ac simul purifices, illumines et perficias, ita ut omnibus bonis per te plenus, perseverem semper in gratia, donec simul tecum Deum meum videam et eo fruar in gloria. Amen. O ANGELIC Spirit, most attentive guide in this life, I thank thee from all my heart for all the love and confidence with which thou hast treated me till now. Be patient with my inconsistency for I often do not follow thy holy counsels and by my disobedience have caused thee great and bitter sorrow. Repel from me by the power of the Cross every temptation of Satan, and those which my own merits do not extinguish, hold fast by thy prayers with God. In whatever tribulation or difficulty thou seeth me, may I feel the help of almighty God to be present by thy prayer and protection. Today I commend to thee forever my body, my heart, and my soul, my memory, my intellect and my will, my passions and my feelings, that thou wouldst guard me, direct me, and rule me, and at the same time purify, illuminate and perfect me, so that filled with every good through thee, I may persevere in grace until with thee I will come to see my God and live in blessedness in His glory. Amen.

Source: Orate Fratres! p 374, Tr MWM.

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